Certificate IV in Early Language and Literacy

The EL&L program is unique as it combines specific understandings of speech and language pathology with Early Years education best practice resulting in powerful practical methods that are flexible in their use for individual children, groups and each family unit. The program also utilises language and literacy processing understandings and strategies to strengthen poor developmental language and literacy skills in the older student.

The program is for all children but will have an additional beneficial application to those children with a history of compromised hearing due to poor middle ear health.

The EL&L program presents developmentally appropriate resources, skills and strategies to stimulate essential neurological foundational skills in language and pre-literacy development that includes auditory, visual and tactile-kinaesthetic perceptual development, sensory perceptual integration, 7 Steps to Phonemic Awareness, vocabulary and sentence development, and Effective Reading Aloud to Children strategies. Multisensory instruction ability is taught to the adults so that information is always presented to children via all sensory channels to the brain. These complex developmental steps are presented to the adults in an easy to understand manner and taught to the children through games and activities that can be integrated.

Course Details

Entry Requirements

A Certificate IV in Early Language and Literacy entry requirements include:

  1. A B.Ed. or equivalent teaching qualification OR
  2. Current learners enrolled in a B.Ed. or equivalent degrees OR
  3. Certificate III in WRAP (A Writing Approach to Reading) OR
  4. Certificate III, Diploma or Advanced Diploma in Children’s Services OR
  5. Relevant extensive vocational practice in early language and literacy work, with or without formal qualifications.

Course Outline

10028NAT Certificate IV in Early Language and Literacy
Unit Code Unit of Competency Core
ECLPPA401A Develop phonemic awareness practice for young children Core
ECLPPP401A Model processes for developing pre-phonics practices Core
ECLPWP401A Model processes for developing pre-writing practices Core
ECLPRP401A Model processes for developing pre-reading practices Core
ECLTLD401A Develop teaching practices for early language and literacy development.* Core
ECLPOL401A Plan for language and literacy practice.* Core
A Statement of Attainment will be issued for any unit of competency completed if the full qualification is not completed
* Total of 100 hours supervised structured workplace-based practice required for completion of these units of competency
Exit with 10028NAT Certificate IV in Early Language and Literacy

Course Timing

Face-to-face training typically consists of 5 days: 9:00 am– 4:00 pm. All course times are negotiable and will be dependent on the training option selected. In addition to the classroom-based structured learning & assessment activities and the 100 hours supervised workplace-based practice, the volume of learning supplements the nominal hours through all activities required for the achievement of learning outcomes including:

  • Training in the testing procedures for Pre- and Post-Assessment for student evaluation
  • Planning and programming for implementation of the Early Language and Literacy approach to improve student learning outcomes
  • Work with mentors to develop skilled use and application of the Language and Literacy Resources
  • Providing resources for parent and community outreach and literacy instruction
  • Evaluating student Pre- and Post-Assessment, identification of student needs and development of appropriate plans and programs for future teaching

The overall program covers a period of at least 6 months and amounts to a nominal period of 300 hours in addition to the 240 hours classroom-based structured supervised learning & assessment activities and the 100 hours supervised structured workplace-based practice. This gives a total of at least 640 hours.

Course Costs

Third Party providers set their own fee levels. Please note course costs are payable in advance.