The Writing Road to Reading 6th Ed


The Writing Road to Reading 6th Ed



6th Revised Edition of The Writing Road to Reading by Romalda Bishop Spalding.
This new edition gives teachers and home educators even more assistance for teaching children spelling, writing, and listening/reading comprehension.
The 6th Revised Edition includes:
Updated research on all the instructional components (including handwriting) and principles of learning and instruction that make The Spalding Method effective.
Part 1 chapter titles and organisation aligned to our Grade-Level Teacher Guides.
Chapter 2 instructional strategies in outline, rather than narrative, format.
Precise dialogue for cursive writing.
Sample dialogues for teaching 5 mental actions.
Updated Children’s Literature Recommendations
OPR and WPR Cue Words
A section on Morphology (word structure) in Part 2.


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