A registered training organisation since 1992

Welcome to The Hills Regional Skills Centre

The Hills Regional Skills Centre (THRSC) (RTO Code 90512) was established in 1992 by Redeemer Baptist School. THRSC is registered by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) under the legal authority of the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011. THRSC offers vocational education in Construction and Hospitality.

THRSC also offers non-accredited courses to train teachers, teacher aides, parents and health professionals in literacy, including WRAP (a Writing Approach to Reading).

THRSC is a cross-sectoral education facility and as such is available to serve government and non-government schools. Courses are provided for Years 10, 11 and 12 that are accredited by both the NSW Educational Standards Authority (NESA)—for Stage 5, Preliminary and Higher School Certificate (HSC)—and ASQA. These dual-accredited courses are delivered by staff with the prerequisite industry and vocational qualifications and experience.

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THRSC offers qualifications in Construction including: Certificate I in Construction (CPC1020), Certificate II in Construction (CPC20120) and the Construction Induction Card or White Card course.



THRSC offers qualifications in Certificate II in Cookery (SIT20421)

WRAP is an integrated, systematic Literacy approach designed for teaching spelling, writing and reading.

WRAP provides the teacher with a ‘kit bag’ of multisensory, efficient and effective strategies for developing and building on foundational literacy skills. Students can systematically build on this foundation using writing and reading to learn in meaningful contexts.

WRAP is more than just a phonics program. Integrated learning occurs through students’ use of the phonemes learned or reviewed within a lesson sequence. These sounds are used in the selected vocabulary and students can explore the patterns and rules that apply. This takes much of the guesswork out of spelling. Through a selected writing focus, students discover how this vocabulary works in sentences. This builds a strong foundation for writing, reading and comprehending related sentences, paragraphs and passages, giving students access to a world of text.

WRAP helps you understand and teach the following areas through the building blocks identified in Reading Research:

  • Phonemic Awareness & Phonics
  • Vocabulary Development
  • Grammar for Sentence Writing
  • Text Types for Writing
  • Reading and Text Comprehension
  • Metacognitive Strategies for Writing and Reading

WRAP course participants can include teachers, teachers’ aides, ESL teachers, speech and language pathologists, special educators, literacy tutors, parents and friends.

RBS CrestTHRSC is an activity of Redeemer Baptist School (CRICOS NO. 00415 K) which caters for a diversity of skills, abilities and backgrounds. It has a distinctive Christian worldview and is renowned for its academic standards. The School has a Preparatory School (Pre-Kindergarten to Year 4), a Middle School (Years 5–8) and a Senior School (Years 9–12).

Established in 1981, Redeemer Baptist School is coeducational. The main campus is located on 9 hectares of parklands in North Parramatta, about 30kms from the centre of Sydney. Its elevated position offers excellent views to the city and there is easy access to public transport. The School is noted for its magnificent historic buildings together with the hi-tech Science and Technology Centre and the impressive N. F. Cannon Library.