Course B - WRAP (A Writing Approach to Reading)

Course B WRAP provides a training course in preparing for Integrated, Systematic Literacy Instruction including focus for literacy learning support, Phonemic Awareness and Phonics. The training course provides the knowledge and skills needed to effectively assist students who are attending a learning centre or school where Integrated, Systematic Literacy Instruction is a focus.

Vocational outcomes include literacy tutor, teacher or teachers aides, specialist educational support (speech and language, SLD, ESL), and community literacy leaders.

The course also benefits parents supporting their children’s literacy learning.

Course Schedule & Enrolment

Upcoming Workshops

There are currently no openings available for this course.

Entry Requirements

While most participants will be qualified teachers, there is no barrier to entry for teachers’ aides, community literacy leaders and parents who believe they can complete the requirements of the course.

Course Outline

Course Details

  1. Plan and organise for the integration of Phonological and Phonemic Awareness instruction
  2. Plan and organise strategies for Spelling Instruction
  3. Develop instruction and practice for sequences of instruction in Integrated, Systematic Literacy
  4. Analyse and present theory applied to practice for instruction in Spelling, Writing and Reading
  5. Evaluate practice in Integrated, Systematic Literacy Instruction
  6. Develop strategies for Assessment in Integrated, Systematic Literacy Instruction

Course Timing


Total Nominal Hours – 650 *

Exit Point 1 – Statement of Attainment in the Integration of Phonemic Awareness in Spelling for Writing and Reading

The program can be delivered in 18 sessions of between six and eight hours.

Exit Point 2 – Graduate Certificate in WRAP (A Writing Approach to Reading)

The program can be delivered in three blocks of 27 sessions of between six and eight hours.

*  The number of nominal hours is dependent on 100 hours of workplace-based practice

Course Costs

The costs set listed here are for THRSC delivering courses at Castle Hill House. Third Party providers set their own fee levels. Please note course costs are payable in advance.

Cost for Course B WRAP – $550.00